Government Tertiary Institution Case Study

Key Highlights

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Appointment of a dedicated Account Manager as the main liaison  

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Provision and Management of roster and deployment scheduling

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Responsible for operations management of 4 sites within the campus

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Training Curriculum Development and Competency Management

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Operation Contingency Process Planning

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Introduction of a Comprehensive E-HR system


Provision of supervision and support service officers in Customer Service, Facilities Management and Sports Facilities and Equipment Management in 4 locations within the Institution campus.

Duties included counter operations and services, facilities & equipment maintenance management, facilities booking management, inventory management and ad-hoc student helper management.

Service Level Agreement

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Full manpower coverage during facilities’ operating hours, 7 days a week except Public Holidays.

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Attend to all requests and enquiries in a timely and professional manner from students and lecturers.

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Ensure no negative feedback is received


Payroll Process Outsourcing  Acquisition and enhancement of domain knowledge and work processes

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Translate the domain knowledge and work processes into training curriculum and knowledge bank

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Develop and Execute Competency Management roadmap

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Dedicated operations and support team

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Established communication matrix and work procedure

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Recruitment and Selection blue print

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Augmented dynamic manning by cross training and deployment across 4 locations

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Flexible workforce scheme

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Introduction of e-HR platform for attendance tracking and billing process

The Results

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Achieved full manning at all times.  

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Low staff turnover rate.

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Staff are well-trained and able to carry out their tasks competently.

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Constant positive feedback and praises for our staff performance and attitude.

Payroll Process Outsourcing  Efficient and seamless operations on ground.


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