City to step up efforts to expand employment
07/02/2021 Source : SHINE City to step up efforts to expand employment

City to step up efforts to expand employment

Employment will remain a key priority for the Shanghai government and a more active employment policy will be implemented to stabilize and expand talent demand, according to the city's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025).

During the next five years, the city said it will continue to promote economic development and pursue the creation of no fewer than 500,000 job positions every year.

More efforts will be made to help enterprises stabilize their workforce and a series of favorable fiscal, taxation and financial policies will be launched.

Employment assistance to various key groups such as the disabled and retired military personnel will be strengthened and entrepreneurship services will be further promoted among college graduates.

Shanghai will be committed to cultivating the new economy and flexible employment and speeding up the evaluation system to meet the development needs of new economic formats.

The city will also enhance skills training to seek high-quality employment.

A recent study by online recruitment firm found that job seekers aged 35 and above with low academic qualifications tend to face greater pressure of re-employment after the pandemic.

Problems like a mismatch between applicants’ skills and job posts also prevailed, according to the study.

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