Workers divided on return to workplace by age and gender
15/09/2020 Source : Workers divided on return to workplace by age and gender

Workers divided on return to workplace by age and gender

How workers feel about returning to the workplace amid the Covid-19 crisis varies by age and gender, with members of Gen Z most interested in returning to the workplace and men more positive than women about the return, according to a global survey by ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN).

Here are some of the findings, according to the report:

Gen-Z vs. millennials: Members of Gen Z are most keen to return to the workplace to develop their careers and socialize, at 51%. Meanwhile, millennials are least positive, with only 38% positive about the return.

Gen X vs. boomers: Gen Xers value being in the workplace to concentrate and collaborate away from household responsibilities. Boomers choose socializing and collaborating with colleagues, 34%, as top reason to return.

Gender divide: Almost half of men, 46%, feel positive about returning, while only one-third of women, 35%, feel the same. Women report feeling more concerned or nervous about the return. Both men and women rank not having to commute and having flexibility to work when convenient in their top three benefits of working from home.

Working parents: Men with children list spending time with their family as a top benefit to working remotely. Women feel more negatively about going back to work, increasing in concern the younger the child: 61% for children 0-5, 53% for children 6-17 and 50% for 18 and up.

ManpowerGroup’s survey included more than 8,000 workers, including furloughed workers, in the US, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Spain and the UK.

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