Are you ready for the new job roles?
27/02/2019 Source : People's Daily Online Are you ready for the new job roles?

Are you ready for the new job roles?

Esports students at a vocational school in Urumqi, China ( Xin)

As 15 new job roles are to be released by Chinese authorities soon, trends of China’s economic and technology development are getting extensive attention from society.

The new jobs are mainly in emerging and popular industries, such as esports players, artificial intelligence (AI) technicians and agricultural managners. Some other professions listed are closely related to people’s daily life, including maternal-child nurses, bee product connoisseurs and wine body designers.

“The new jobs to be added this time are existing jobs, instead of brand new ones popping up recently. They are listed due to appreciable professionals and relatively standardized definitions and requirements,” said Su Hainan, deputy director of China Association for Labor Studies. According to him, these new professions will bring substantial benefits to the country’s economy and sustainable development.

Experts noted that these new jobs represent the nation’s industrial trends. For example, jobs in the AI sector imply the thriving AI industry and current talent shortage. According to a development report on AI released by Tsinghua University last year, the scale of the AI industry was expected to exceed over 150 billion yuan by 2020, driving related industries to reach greater scales worth more than 1 trillion yuan. However, there remains a huge talent gap in the AI field, in sore need of one million more professionals each year.

With a crop of new jobs emerging, some outdated jobs are vanishing. According to the newly revised Encyclopedia of Profession published by Chinese authorities in 2015, a total of 205 well-known jobs were eliminated.

“With the development of technology and productivity, some previously popular jobs have become obsolete,” said Ge Hengshuang, a senior official at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. For example, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators on the list will gradually replace operators in traditional fields such as agriculture, geographical mapping and logistics.

As more and more new jobs emerge, China will correspondingly improve vocational training systems and scientific management schemes to better standardize these industries. 

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